Over the past 11 years, Webz have enjoyed working with a wide variety of businesses and organisations both locally and nationally.  It is our role to keep pace with the rapid changes in our industry - and to keep our clients up to date in web design and functionality.  

Webz' appointment of a Business Development Manager is a reflection of the growth we've experienced in this exciting field.  Here is a showcase of a few of our latest projects.

Mike Craig Builders ~ Architectural builders

A beautifully laid out minimalist style site that required the embedding of a supporting website within one of the pages.  A series of updatable project pages to give viewers an in-depth look at the quality of homes built.


Simpli ~ Wellington local government

Simpli is a collection of over 20 Local Councils whose goal is to achieve greater consistency across the Building Consenting Process. The website has to convey alot of information into a concise, user friendly space while maintaining professionalism that a customer would expect of Local Government.


NZOWA ~ Wellington

The New Zealand Optical Wholesalers Association engaged Webz to deliver a website that would work seamlessly with their annual conventions. This requires members to be displayed on their site and to easily update member details when required. The result is a holistic approach to the NZOWA business that delivers a web presence that suits both the association and its members.


Magnifiers ~ Wellington e-commerce

Magnifiers enlisted Webz to deliver a website that could effectively market their hundreds of products. The result is a showcase for their products that has yielded a ROI well beyond what was originally anticipated and is an effective 24x7 sales channel.

- Magnifiers
- Wellington Water Filters M - Wellington Water Filters

Wellington Water Filters ~ e-commerce

With over 150 products to promote, the e-commerce option immediately extended our clients market throughout the country.  They wanted a clean modern looking site that communicated the great customer service they offer - not just for product sales, but also the servicing arm of their business.