Webz offer a range of ‘add on’ services, that are often needed in the web building process and beyond. From photography, copy writing, videography, email marketing campaigns and ad words, Webz are an award winning company who you can trust to do a great job.

New Zealanders are renowned for their number eight wire mentality. We ask that you let this go when it comes to your website. Often people think that professional design services are cost prohibitive. They aren’t. Not when you factor in your time, and possibly frustration, to do something you don’t understand, the re-working, and the eventual need to call in a professional to save the day. This work is specialised and our team of specialists get the results you need in very good time.

A website must have professional content or it just looks bad. And how many businesses that feel unprofessional would you want to employ?



- Photography


Three seconds to form an opinion - that’s all you have to make a memorable impact on your potential customers!
With our own Photographer on board at Webz, and a network of others to call on, you can be assured of great quality images that convey your brand message clearly to your audience, encouraging them to stick around and learn what you have to offer.

- Videography


Video features strongly in the latest web trends for 2018. Short, auto-play snippets give an exciting overview of your business offerings.
We can liaise with our videographers to help you navigate the requirements for web videography, to produce highly professional footage for your website.

- Copywriting


The difference between a rambling diatribe and a truly great speech is words and phrasing. 
The same principle applies to your website copywriting.  Anyone can write content, but a specialist will elevate your website, ensuring the language used is effective in communicating your message to your target customers and encouraging them to take action.



- Social Media

Social Media

Social media provides a platform for businesses to interact directly with their customers - and receive feedback on a regular basis.  When used effectively this is an extremely powerful tool to promote and grow your business and strengthen your brand.  The opposite can also be true when social media is mis-managed!
We can assist you in setting up and maintaining your social media strategy and provide brand management advice.

- Branding


Branding is a marketing term that is used a lot, with little understanding. Branding is about the “collateral” that you create for business consistency. It’s about an eyecatching and relevant logo that represents your business aims. It's about connecting this to a feeling (expectation) that your customers get when they consider using your service. It’s about sharing your message, being consistent, visually relevant, and creating a feeling that your clients are attacted to, through imagery, offers, social media and of course - your website.